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Why Children Do Not Learn From Negative Parenting

We all really want our children to be well-behaved; however, the kids are generally naughty by nature. But once that naughtiness becomes bad behavior, it will become required to discipline them. Now, whenever the question of discipline arises, many parents believe the only way to discipline the children is to use force. But, the reality is that making use of force on children is quite incorrect. It hinders both their emotional and physical well-being. What parenting demands is positive child discipline.

Positive and negative child discipline
Well, you can find various reasons why you have to use positive child discipline, as opposed to yelling, whenever a child does something you don’t approve of. Now, ranting or yelling are not the only two negative ways to discipline a child. There are numerous other things that parents generally make use of and which also fall under the category of bad discipline. Much to the disappointment of such parents, there are several studies that show that negative discipline actually doesn’t work after all.

Parenting Child Discipline - What you want to know
Now, here is some apparently basic, but very important piece of information to start with. What you may not know is that most of the things the kids learn come from observing other folks. You can consider them as mirror that reflects what has been shown to it. Thus, it is quite obvious, that you as parents, and other members of the family in the home, have great impact on your kids. This holds especially true if your kid is young. Don’t assume that since he is very young, he doesn’t possess emotions or he doesn’t understand anything at all. If you watch them carefully, you will see that the same things which hurt, humiliate or perhaps embarrass us, do the same to them. It really goes even further with the children, since it completely shuts them down.

If we use negative forms to discipline them, it has the same impact on them. And what all could be a part of negative form of discipline? - Demeaning, shaming, embarrassing, yelling, frightening and hitting. It does no good in the slightest degree.

That you are reading this itself indicates that your way of badly disciplining your child isn't working. Any negative emotion or approach would not inculcate any positive habits. The children are just like soft mud, that can be moulded to any shape we like to. They aren't crooked and neither do they understand politics. They just need your love and affection. If we leave aside our egos and manage them positively and carefully even when they supposedly misbehave, they'll correct on their own a whole lot sooner. If you chastise them, they just feel hurt, and they subtly understand that you are their controller, and so they just have to hear you. But this is out of fear, not out of understanding that they did something bad. What they understand is that you didn’t like whatever they did. And therefore, it is no way a long-term solution. Therefore parenting a child in positive way is the only real alternative.

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